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Growing and Sustaining the Brotherhood
Founding Father Steven Belgeri ’08 Continues Service to Gamma Tau

As an undergraduate, Steven Belgeri ’08 saw a unique opportunity within the Greek program at KU: becoming a founding father. “Delta Tau Delta wanted to come back to campus, and I was intrigued by the chance to form that brotherhood,” Steven recalls. “To this day, the other founding fathers and I have a unique bond. We faced our own unique set of challenges with putting the Shelter together, and through that we became friends and brothers for life.”

Living a Life of Service
Steven served as new member educator followed by president in his undergraduate years, and his favorite memories largely include going through the rechartering process for Gamma Tau. That devotion didn’t end upon graduation; Steven then joined the house corporation board, on which he now serves as recruitment advisor to the active chapter. “I wanted to make sure we always had a place at KU, and I wanted to give back to a group that taught me so much.”

In his current position, Steven has the honor of working with the young men responsible for great change at Gamma Tau. “These guys have done a great job recruiting quality young men as we climb through the ranks on campus—especially in the last few years.” Gamma Tau has also placed within the top fraternity grades at KU in recent years.

Staying in Touch
As an alumnus, Steven advises active members to enjoy their time on campus and with Gamma Tau while it lasts. To recent graduates and young alumni, he encourages finding ways to stay involved and trying to make it back once or twice a year. “We don’t have all the answers in life, and it’s important to have connections,” Steven explained. Membership doesn’t end after four years; it’s for life. My Brothers and fellow founding fathers are still my best friends to this day. Having something to come back to fills me with pride. Ultimately, Brotherhood sustains us.”

Steven enjoys golfing with his Delta Tau Delta Brothers in his spare time, as well as spending time with his wife, Megan (an Alpha Chi Omega at KU), and their young daughter, Avery. You can connect with Steven and/or ask him about recruitment at


Gamma Tau and KU Provide Bob Nickloy ’80 with Tools to Lead

When Bob Nickloy ’80 was heading to KU in 1980, Jim Benson ’78 was serving as recruitment chairman for Gamma Tau where the two connected. Through the recruitment process, Jim was satisfied with Bob’s academic achievements, but as a fan of the WWF, was really interested in his wrestling background. Bob believes this link helped him connect with members like Jim and ultimately sparked his interest in joining Delta Tau Delta. “Gamma Tau members were and are intelligent, success-driven, competitive, and well-regarded on campus as one of the top Greek chapters,” Bob said. “I was fortunate to be surrounded by such a good group of men.”

After graduating in 1984 with a bachelor of science degree in business, Bob was fortunate to have the opportunity to join the family business at ACH Foam Technologies, Inc. He said he owes part of his success to his education and the opportunities it has initiated, but also credits the support and devotion of his father. “My father worked very hard and took risks many would avoid that led to a successful, growth-oriented business in the foam plastics industry,” Bob said. “It was an extremely valuable gift for our family and potential generations to come.” Currently Bob works with his brother Richard in a distribution business called Architectural Building Systems, Inc. The company supplies building materials to subcontractors in the Kansas City area.

Bob serves on the board of directors and the house corporation as a member at-large and helped with the campaign. “I am proud of the work that is being done at the chapter to keep Delta Tau Delta healthy,” Bob said. He encourages alumni to reconnect through the chapter’s website and consider visiting Lawrence and the Shelter. “The chapter is very strong and our property has gone through significant upgrades,” Bob stated. “A special thanks to all who have donated to help us with the renovation and keep Gamma Tau on top at KU.”

Bob also offers his expertise and time at the Darol Rodrock Foundation, which supports local foster children who are aging out of the system with professional and personal development. Bob and the other foundation members hope to house youth during the spring of 2019, as the foundation plans to purchase the Ursuline Sisters Academy in Paola, Kansas. “Big plans are underway to help kids in need,” Bob said. This facility has 65,000 square feet and includes 40 rooms. Bob said his desire to help others was only reinforced during his time in Gamma Tau, and he is thrilled to be supporting Kansas youth.

Bob lives in Olathe, Kansas, with his wife, Michelle, who is an educator at the One by One Project, a Kansas City-based nonprofit organization that develops awareness and prevention of human exploitation and trafficking. They have two children, Ava and Nick, who are involved in a number of sports, including volleyball, softball, basketball, and golf. Bob enjoys vacationing with his family, golfing, and completing building projects at his home. If you would like to reconnect with Bob, you can reach him at

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